Digitization: Video

Digitize Your Video

  1. To digitize VHS or DVD, insert them into the VCR/DVD Player. You’ll need the remote to play, pause, stop, etc.
  2. The program you need is Roxio Video Capture. The icon is located in the system tray and looks like a VHS tape over a disc. This program will help to convert your VHS or DVD into a digital format.
  3. The main menu screen will then appear. If you hit Play, the blue screen would change to the VHS. If you put a DVD in, the opening menus should start to play. Using this, you can preview the movie to get to the point you want to start. Once you get to that point, hit Record to start recording. After you hit record, the button will then say Stop, which is what you will press to stop the recording. Only press Stop when you want to finish, you will not be able to resume.
  4. After the recording is stopped, finalize your recording by hitting Finish. Now your movie will converted into digital format. This may take some time based on how long the video is. Once ready, you can save your file to an external hard drive or upload it online. Make sure you save it, as the file will be deleted by the end of day.
  5. You can learn more by watching our video Intro to the Digital Media Lab: Converting VHS to Digital.

Convert Digitize Video to DVD or Blu-ray

  1. You can also burn your file onto a DVD or Blu-ray disc. To start, insert the DVD or Blu-ray disc into the Samsung Blu-ray Recorder. Both formats are for sale at the info desk, Blu-ray for 50 cents, DVDs for 10 cents, or you can bring your own.
  2. You then need to open the program Toast Titanium, which will let you burn a digital file onto a disc. The icon looks like a toaster with a disc and smartphone popping out of it. The program may automatically open if you put a disk into the Samsung player.
  3. The menu will open. Click which format you want and continue. Note there is also a Tutorials button, which can help you walk through. Click Finish when you are ready to proceed.
  4. A new screen will appear. Find your file by pressing Add files. You can also select image quality, menu setup, make copies, and a few other options from this menu. Once you have your file and are satisfied with your settings, hit Burn. This may take a while based on how long the video.
  5. For additional information, watch this video Intro to the Digital Media Lab: Burning Files to Disc.