Human Library

phpl, Prospect Heights Public Library, Human Library, Adult
phpl, Prospect Heights Public Library, Human Library, Adult

The Human Library ® is a safe space for dialogue and personal conversation. It is based on the idea that we all carry prejudices and that we all judge. This is why the Human Library ® publishes humans as open Books who engage in Readings, which are personal and honest 30-minute conversations. These conversations challenge stigma and stereotypes and celebrate differences. To read more about the Human Library ® and events that have taken place around the world, please visit

If your life was a story, what would it be?

The Prospect Heights Public Library District is seeking volunteers to share their personal experiences with bias and/or prejudice during in person 1:1 conversations at our Human Library event 4 pm - 8 pm on May 30 in order to help create dialogue and understanding between people. These experiences may include being discriminated against based on race, religion, sexual orientation, class, gender identity, disability; or stigmatized based on other aspects of your life.

At the event, participants (Readers) will be able to register for one hour slots (two Readings), browse book descriptions, and check out “Books” – community members who have volunteered to share their experiences.

If you are willing to be trained and to share your experiences with patrons as a “Book,” please complete the below volunteer form by March 15, 2024. If you have questions, please contact Anjelica Rufus-Barnes, Adult Services Reference Librarian.

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