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The Prospect Heights Public Library does not charge late fees for overdue items.

  • Each item has a due date. Cardholders are responsible for honoring the due date.
  • The fine-free policy only applies to overdue items. Fees for lost or damaged items will be applied according to procedure.
  • The catalog system will automatically renew, up to 2 times, any items that are eligible for renewal and are not reserved for another patron.
  • If an item is 14 days overdue, the cardholder’s account will be blocked from using library services. Once the item is returned, the block will be removed.
  • After 45 days, outstanding items will be considered lost and will be billed to the cardholder.
  • Bills for lost or damaged items will include a $5.00 processing fee in order to offset the expense of the Library processing.
  • If an item is returned in good condition within 10 days after replacement charges have been assessed, the associated charges will be removed from the cardholder’s account and borrowing privileges will resume.
  • Items checked out at area fine-free libraries will not accumulate fines if overdue, regardless of where the items are returned or where the items come from.
  • Items checked out at a library that charges fines will accrue fines if overdue, even if returned to a fine-free library.



  • A reminder notice will be sent three days before an item is due.
  • Three overdue notices will be sent to a patron at the following intervals:
    • 3 days overdue
    • 15 days overdue
    • 28 days overdue
  • Billing notices will be sent when an item is 45 days overdue and three overdue notices have been posted to the patron’s account.
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